Wireless power transmission for charging mobiles at giet, gunupur

Amrit Kumar Panigrahi., AnkitBurman., Nidhi Chandrakar and Burman K. R

Wireless power transmission is a convenient method of transferring energy from one physical device to another physical device without contacts. This allows device to be powered or batteries to be charged. At present wireless charger use inductive charging having transmit and receive coils in aside. Inductive charging uses the principle of Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction. The concept is based on inductive coupling using an electro-magnetic field that transfer energy from the transmitter to the receiver. Hence, wireless charging offers the ultimate convenience for consumers and enables safe charging in a hazardous environment where an electric spark could cause an explosion. Wireless charging is durable and the contact does not tamper on multiple insertions. Wireless power transmissions are used in electrical tooth brushes, mobile phone chargers and household devices.

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