Pharmaceutical service quality effect towards tbc patients’ satisfaction ofoutpatients of bpjs (health insurance ) following dots progam in two general hospitals in garut regency

Dina Nirwana Suwinda., Anas Subarnas and Emma Surachman

In addition to conduct hospital services, we should pay attention to satisfaction of the users of services. Hospital Pharmacy is one of the largest incomes of the hospital; therefore, in order to achieve the users’s satisfaction, the quality of the services should be improved. Unqualified pharmaceutical services will cause financial loss for the pharmacy in particular and for the hospital in general. The purpose of this study is to analyze Pharmaceutical Service Quality Effect Towards TBC patients’ satisfaction of Outpatient Program of BPJS (Health Insurance) patient following a DOTS program in RSUD Dr Slamet Garut and BKPM Garut. The method used was qualitative and quantitative methods with the cross sectional design using likert scale questionaires. A sampling technique used was systematic random sampling, using 74 respondents consisting of 45 respondents in RSUD Dr Slamet Garut and 29 respondents in BKPM Garut. The result of this study indicated that the expectation of the patients was different from the reality obtained in both hospitals according to parameters of tangible, empathy, responsiveness, reability and assurance, this concluded that the quality of pharmaceutical services did not influence against the satisfaction of tuberculosis patients in RSUD Dr Slamet Garut and BKPM Garut.

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