Peculiarities observed in ferns

Chhaya Singh., Maneesha Singh., Anju Rani and Raj Singh

The present paper gives emphasis on the interesting phenomena observed in ferns in the field area of Dehradun district where rootstock tufts in Nephrolepis auriculata (L.) Trimen when separated give rise to new plant. Similarly budding another method of reproduction is also observed in different fern species such as Asplenium yunnaense Franch. it occurs either by pinnule or as well as on apices of rachis, in Ampelopteris proliferation is noticed by axillary buds at the base of pinna pairs while in Woodwardia biserrata C. Presl where fronds emerge from mature and produce 1-3 plantlets along the central stipe, which can root down into the soil and many more. Another peculiarity discussed in the paper is the insect and fern relationship where different types of insects are found infesting on fern species Beetle infestation on Christella dentata (Forssk.) Brown, Drynaria propniqua (Wall. ex Mett.) and Pyrrosia costata (C. Presl ex Bedd.) Tagawa & K. Iwats infested by Sheild bug etc.

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