Cybernetics in advertising design - definition & application

Doaa Eldesouky

Cybernetics is a branch of science which refers to a trans-disciplinary approach used to explore regulatory systems in terms of their structure, possibilities, and constraints. Through this paper the author explores cybernetics in advertising design by defining it and discussing its application in this business field. The main objective behind this study is to evaluate how cybernetics works or is applicable in designing visual advertising models. The key focus is thus the way businesses are able to use the science of cybernetics models to influence consumers through their buying behavior. Therefore, marketing and communication would be the control facet of this paper. A study of the scientific background is included as well. It entails how the various definitions of this powerful aspect of marketing communication in the form of interactive advertising were arrived at. Having checked the historical part of cybernetics, the paper addresses the communication and marketing concept about cybernetics in advertisement design

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