Combining ability studies for fruit yield and it’s attributing traits

Josna Jose and A.I. Patel

Combining ability studies, in tomato was estimated by line × tester analysis including 21 F1 cross combinations using 10 parents after selfing (seven lines and three testers) at Regional Horticultural Research Station, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari during late kharif-2013 in a randomized block design with three replications. These 21 genotypes (7 lines and 3 testers and 21 resulting F1 hybrids) were evaluated for yield and it’s attributing traits. The variance for combining ability studies revealed that both additive and non-additive gene action involved in the expression of fruit yield and it’s related traits. However, non-additive type gene action was found predominant in the expression of the traits. Among parents, AVTO-9, AT-3, GT-2, AVTO-6 and AVTO-7 emerged as good general combiners for majority of the characters studied for experiment. JT-3, AVTO-1, AVTO-3 and AVTO-5 appeared to be poor general combiners for majority of the characters under study. Parents viz., AVTO-3 and AVTO-9 exhibited high positive GCA effects which is desirable. Nine crosses exhibited positive and significant SCA effects for fruit yield. The crosses identified to have high SCA effects for fruit yield also had high SCA effects for atleast one major components fruit number, fruit weight etc. The crosses showing high SCA effects were not always the result of good x good GCA combinations.

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